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As Boss Event Marketing, our article published in the German edition of Turizm Aktüel Magazine.

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The founder of Boss Event Marketing, Umut Kaya, was a guest on the interactive TV channel Business Channel Turk TV’s show “Isi Bilen” prepared and presented by Ozge Vardarli.

Boss Event Marketing participated in the BAU Bosphorus Sailing Cup event and was featured on Istanbul TV.

Boss Event Marketing founder Umut Kaya was a guest on the “İş Kolik” program, presented and prepared by Sema Baysal, on Business Channel Türk TV, an interactive television channel.

Boss Event Marketing’s news article was published in M.I.C.E Magazine. The article highlights the success of the company’s recent event, the Bau Bosphorus Sailing Cup, which was held in Istanbul. The article also features an interview with the company’s founder, Umut Kaya, who discusses the challenges and opportunities in the event management industry. Boss Event Marketing’s expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality events are emphasized in the article, making it a must-read for anyone interested in the M.I.C.E industry.

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Our news published on MediKongre, one of the leading publications in the Event and Congress sector, as Boss Event Marketing.

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Boss Event Marketing Makes a Difference with Its Innovative Approaches in Event Management

Boss Event Marketing, which offers event and congress organization services to leading brands in various industries, continues to make a difference with its innovative approaches.

Stating that they focus on creating extraordinary experiences for their clients, Umut Kaya, the founder of Boss Event Marketing, said, “We approach each project with a unique perspective and work with a team of professionals who are experts in their fields. We believe that the most effective way to create memorable events is to integrate creative ideas with flawless execution.”

Kaya also mentioned that the pandemic has led to a shift in the event industry, saying, “Virtual and hybrid events have become more prevalent in the last year, and we have adapted to this change by providing innovative solutions for our clients. We have also implemented strict health and safety measures for our on-site events to ensure the well-being of our clients and their guests.”

With its successful projects in various fields such as health, finance, and technology, Boss Event Marketing continues to be a leading player in the event management industry.

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Boss Event Marketing’s news published in Haberler.Com.

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